Thursday 9 May 2019

5 Ways to Control Thrifting Addiction

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It’s easy to fall into the trap and there are habits to keep yourself in check when you are at the thrift shop. Here are 5 ways to control the addiction:

1. Budget your spending at the thrift shop

Set aside money for shopping done at the thrift shop. Consider it as your monthly splurge and do not exceed the amount. Place the money in an envelope and put it in your wallet or purse. This will ensure your thrift-shop-fund stays separate from cash used for daily expenses.


2. Limit the days you visit thrift shops 

Observe the frequency of your trips to the thrift shop, whether it be on a weekly or monthly basis. Cut the number of trips by one day or a few days in a week. The fewer trips to the thrift shop, the lower the chances of buying things that you don't need.

This habit can also be applied for online shopping on sites like Carousell, Ebay and Poshmark. Identify the items you really need, buy it, and get out of there as soon as possible!


3. Identify your current storage space and its limit

We should not own more clothes than our wardrobe can handle. If you feel the need to buy another wardrobe or shelf, then it's time for spring cleaning. This is a great benchmark to remind yourself that you too much stuff. 


4. Find out if you're really saving or wasting money 

The greatest lie we tell ourselves is a brand new shirt would cost X amount and we're paying a fraction of it at the thrift shop. We put it in the cart, pay for it, bring it home and it ends up in the wardrobe as a deco piece. Yes, it's cheap but does it add value to your personal style? If no, then it was a waste of money. 


5. Donate one item for each item purchased 

If no 1, 2, 3, and 4 failed you in every way possible - use this advice. For every item that you purchase, donate or give away one item from your wardrobe. This process might even make you realise that you have enough stuff right now and you can take a break from shopping for clothes. 

So, can I still go to thrift shops?
Of course. It's good to shop for clothes at the thrift shop but be purposeful of picks and mindful of your budget. 

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